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We are Bury and Rochdale Advanced Motorists Group (BRAM). We provide advice & guidance for Motorcyclists & Car Drivers to take and pass the Advanced Rider & Driver Courses.


Advanced Rider Course


Advanced Driver Course


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At BRAM, we help to create better drivers and riders. As a part of the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, we aim to make our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.


Advanced Driver Course

Do you want to join a driving elite and be one of the most skilled drivers on Britain’s roads? Increase your confidence and on-the-road knowledge by becoming an advanced driver – and be recognised for your skills.

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Advanced Rider Course

For riders who want to be the best, or if you’re getting back on two wheels after a break, this on-road advanced motorcycling course gives you confidence and makes you safer on the road.

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“The course has made me into a thinking rider – and therefore a safer rider. As a new rider the confidence boost in myself and the machine has been brilliant.”

“So much more confidence on the road and in my bike.”

“It made me more aware and better at planning and anticipating while riding”


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Are advanced riders safe riders?

YOU can always spot an advanced motorcycle rider – and not just by their ‘club’ lapel badges, meticulous pre-ride checks and, more often than not, a sparkling clean bike.

They look as though they ‘own’ their bit of the road as they ride past, radiating confidence, composure and courtesy. They tend to be obsessive about observing speed limits in built-up areas too.

But – and this is the crucial question – are they any safer than other riders? It seems obvious that they must have fewer accidents, injuries and mishaps than ‘ordinary’ motorcyclists but nobody really knew. Until now.

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The Bury and Rochdale Advanced Motorists Group (BRAM) are one of about 180 groups across the country, run as independent charities, affiliated to The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart). We provide advice & guidance for Bikers & Drivers to take and pass the Advanced Rider & Driver Courses.

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